Infographics: Syria’s ‘Dirty Dozen’

Syria’s ‘Dirty Dozen‘ is AOAV’s profile of twelve of the worst explosive weapons in use in Syria.

AOAV IG Dirty Dozen overview

The Grad
Grad means ‘Hail’ in Russian. It is a multiple rocket launcher system that fires 40 unguided, high-explosive fragmentation rockets. It is described as the most widespread artillery rocket system in the world.

The Sakr
Rockets used in Syria which are designed like the Grad rockets but with cluster munition warheads containing as many as 98 DPICM sub-munitions (based on the assumption that this is the Type 36 Sakr).


The Type-63
A multiple rocket launcher that fires up to twelve rockets from 3×4 rows of barrels. It is towed or mounted on a truck.


The Luna-M/Frog-7
FROG means Free Rocket Over Ground. It is a ballistic rocket often confused with similar Scud-like missiles.


The M-240
The world’s heaviest mortar, the 53-F-864 240mm bomb is fired by only two systems, both Russian-made. In Syria, the system seen in Homs is the M-240.


The M-1943/M43
The 120mm is a heavy mortar that is common in state arsenals. Many countries have replaced the M1943 with the similar 2B11 Sani but Syria is still believed to have the original model.


The D-30
The standard ammunition fired by this gun is the OF-56. It has a high-fragmentation steel shell which has a much greater impact than the other main shell used by the D-30.


The T-72 Tank
The T-72M is the export version of the Russian-made main battle tank. It fires the 125mm OF-26, which is a high-explosive fragmentation shell.


The 2S3 Akatsiya
The 2S3 is a self-propelled artillery system, introduced in 1974. It normally fires the OF-540 high explosive shell which is the most commonly-fired 152 mm projectile in the world.


The S-25 OFM
The S-25 is the largest air-launched rocket in Syria. The OFM warhead is designed to attack hardened targets. It can be fired from several aircraft including two fighter jets that are known to be part of Syria’s air force.


The OFAB 100-120
These are part of a family of unguided bombs owned by Syria that can be dropped from several of its fighter jets.


The ODAB-500 PM
Fuel-air explosive bomb, also known as a vacuum bomb, which can be dropped from several aircraft known to be in Syria’s arsenal.



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