Infographics: Four years of explosive harm

Between 2011 and 2014, AOAV recorded over 110,000 civilian casualties of explosive violence.


Infographic: Air strikes in Afghanistan

An infographic for AOAV, using UNAMA data, showing the steady decline decline in the humanitarian impact of air strikes for civilians in Afghanistan.

Infographics: Improvised Explosive Devices

A range of infographics for AOAV’s report ‘Material Harm: A review of IED components and measures to prevent their spread’

Infographic: Blood on the Streets of Boston

An infographic for AOAV on the responses to the April 2013 Marathon bombings in Boston.

Infographic: The impact of explosive weapons, 2011-2013

These infographic visualises three years of harm caused by explosive weapons around the world.

Infographic: three ICTY cases of explosive weapons used in populated areas

As part of a PAX report, this map visualises three cases of explosive weapon use brought before the Yugoslavia Tribunal.

Cluster Munition Coalition: Campaign resources

These infographics illustrate the horrific nature of cluster bombs, and the destruction they cause both at the time of use, and for decades after the end of conflicts.