MPs demand greater transparency in UK use of drones

A new Defence Select Committee report calls for more transparency in the use of armed drones, especially in regards to intelligence sharing between UK and US forces.


New UN report calls for independent inquiries into drone strikes

Ben Emmerson, UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and counterterrorism, urges states to launch independent inquiries into drone strikes that have lead to civilian casualties.

Killer robots: dystopian fiction or imminent threat?

How close are ‘killer robots’ to becoming reality? AOAV analyses possible precursors of autonomous weapons systems.

European Parliament condemns extrajudicial drone strikes in landslide vote

Members of the European Parliament vote in favour of banning extrajudicial targeted killings using armed drones and call for a ban on the development of killer robots.

Former drone operator: “I lost that respect for life”

Brandon Bryant, a former US Air Force drone operator, says he is haunted by his part in more than 1,600 deaths.

New study: Asia Pacific to outstrip Northern American arms budget

As Western Europe’s share in the global arms market sees a sharp fall, Asia is finding itself in the midst of a tight arms race.

Iraq: the descent again into chaos?

This story originally appeared on   This month, as Western media fixed its eyes on the tragic events in Oklahoma and Woolwich, a largely unsung tragedy was unfolding in the Middle East. Strings of attacks have shaken Iraq, claiming scores of lives but have gone largely unnoticed. The month of May, however, saw the … Continue reading