Infographic: Crime and Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean

The new report ‘Crime and Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean’ has found a staggering 99% increase in the number of homicides in Central America between 2003 and 2012.


Infographic: Explosive violence in Pakistan

In December 2009, two suicide bombers attacked one of Lahore’s busiest markets, taking the lives of at least 60 people and injuring 130 more.

Global drone wars: an infographic on current combat drones and their proliferation

Combat drones are fast becoming a major tool in modern warfare. This infographic seeks to shed some light on current systems, their use and their spread around the world.

Infographic: the impact of explosive violence in 2013

Summarising the devastating facts and figures of ‘Explosive Events’, AOAV’s latest report on explosive violence.

Infographic: the long-term impact of explosive weapons on Syrian refugees

‘Syria’s Shockwaves’ tells the stories of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and shows the long-term impact of explosive weapons.

Infographic: Casualty recording practices and realities around the world

Recording and analysing data on the casualties of conflict and armed violence can improve the protection of civilians and save lives.

MPs demand greater transparency in UK use of drones

A new Defence Select Committee report calls for more transparency in the use of armed drones, especially in regards to intelligence sharing between UK and US forces.