New UN report calls for independent inquiries into drone strikes

Ben Emmerson, UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and counterterrorism, urges states to launch independent inquiries into drone strikes that have lead to civilian casualties.


Killer robots: dystopian fiction or imminent threat?

How close are ‘killer robots’ to becoming reality? AOAV analyses possible precursors of autonomous weapons systems.

European Parliament condemns extrajudicial drone strikes in landslide vote

Members of the European Parliament vote in favour of banning extrajudicial targeted killings using armed drones and call for a ban on the development of killer robots.

Custom map: Gailtal, Carinthia, Austria

A map illustrating the Gailtal in Carinthia, Austria, accompanying a project investigating the fate of local victims of the Hitler regime.

Infographic: Stop Killer Robots

Why the international community needs to put brakes on the development of fully autonomous weapons

Infographics: Syria’s ‘Dirty Dozen’

A visualisation of the twelve of the worst explosive weapons in use in Syria.

Custom map: Pinzgau, Salzburg, Austria

A custom map, published in a book examining the impact of Nazi Germany’s impact on a small corner of Austria.